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  • Human

    Our adventurers haven't particulary discovered anything special about humans yet, but when they do, this section will be completed.

    +2 Racial Bonus to any chosen Travel Skill +1 Racial Bonus to a separate Travel Skill -1 Racial …

  • Experiment 0

    The only known of a specific classified military experiment. This species has a clear ability to shapeshift.

    (1) Block Power {1pt}: -1 to Opponent's Mind Control Attempt against you * Cannot be Mimicked * Cannot be increased + …

  • Reversus Mortuus

    A partially declassified military experiment on Atlantus Realm. Only known that exist are 2 originally separate factions of 3 Reversus Mortuus each. Only seen on Atlantus Realm, and when the adventurers encountered them a fight instantly broke out. 3 have …

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