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  • Experiment 0

    The only known of a specific classified military experiment. This species has a clear ability to shapeshift.

    (1) Block Power {1pt}: -1 to Opponent's Mind Control Attempt against you * Cannot be Mimicked * Cannot be increased + …

  • Reversus Mortuus

    A partially declassified military experiment on Atlantus Realm. Only known that exist are 2 originally separate factions of 3 Reversus Mortuus each. Only seen on Atlantus Realm, and when the adventurers encountered them a fight instantly broke out. 3 have …

  • "Joe"

    He came upon the team nude with torch in hand and greeted them in broken English by asking "Trouble you for some pants?". He immediately displayed the ability to change his skin color and to converse in English, Russian, and Latin. Through later …

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