Apotkei (Preliminary Trial)

Chapter I

Away We Go (Part II)

After meeting, naming, clothing, and feeding their new companion, the team utilizes their new friend named “Joe” to get the lights up and find where the door to another realm is located from here. While heading downstairs, the intrepid bunch freeze when hearing something stirring below them. Stopping on the 4th floor, they access the computer to find out what they can. Before they get to leave encounter the Reversus Mortuus ready to make their lives miserable.

The first fight of the group involves gun, sword, hand and escalator. The major highlights include “Joe” stealing Alex’s Sword, one of the Reversus Mortuus stealing Cat’s sword, three Reversus Mortuus being killed, and three running away.

Post fight action involed Dimitri burning two of their foes and Cat doing an autospy on the third.


Small notes. I don’t remember them giving food to “Joe”, and if they did he wouldn’t have eaten it (it was a ploy on his part to garner sympathy and see how empathetic they were). Also, I’m not sure if “Joe” “stole” Alex’s Sword, he asked politely … he didn’t wait for an answer before taking it … but he asked ;). And Finally, if my memory is correct, Dimitri burned the one Cat was working on before we moved on.

Chapter I

Wow! I didn’t know I had such cool tech! What or who is an auto-spy! We’ve been watching a lot of Inspector Gadget lately. Is there a connection?

Chapter I
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